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Food Wrap Cling Film

Polyethylene (PE) - the base material used in manufacturing ewrap™ is a simple structure polymer that puts least Eco- strain on environment. PE disintegrates in a given time period and, when annihilated, it burns to hydrogen & carbon with no polluting material. PE is slowly replacing conventional PVC films, since PVC contains toxic plasticizers (such as phthalates), stabilizers containing dangerous heavy metals (such as lead), fungicides and other toxic substances.

Advantages of ewrap™ over conventional PVC cling film

    * Conforms to food contact regulations
    * 100% non-toxic
    * 100% recyclable hence Eco-friendly
    *  More economical than PVC, lower density of LLDPE than PVC  

(30% less material used in manufacturing PE than PVC) 


1 What is ewrap™ cling film?   

Ewrap™ cling film is an engineered combination of hi tech material and process innovation to produce polyethylene based high clarity cling film that is free from any taste, odor and harmful chemicals. It is specially manufactured for food wrapping, to keep food hygienic and fresh and odorless. 

2 Why should we use ewrap™ cling film for food wrapping?   

Ewrap™ cling film is polyethylene based film processed without using harmful chemicals and plasticizers. The film has excellent cling property to hold glass or food containers. Excellent sealing capacity keeps food fresh for longer time.

3 Can ewrap™ cling film be used in the microwave?   

Yes, Ewrap™ cling film can be used in the microwave. While using the Ewrap™ cling film in microwave, keep one-inch space between the food and the Ewrap™ cling film for best performance. Also do not pierce a hole in the wrapping film and prevent the steam to escape through vent at the edge of the container.

4 Can I use ewrap™ cling film in the conventional oven?   

No. Ewrap™ cling film is not designed to be used in conventional ovens, toaster ovens, or on stovetops. Under such high temperatures it can melt. 

5 Can ewrap™ cling film is used in refrigerator?   

Sure! Ewrap™ cling can be used in refrigerator as it is also suitable for the application of frozen food. Due to its hi-tech structure Ewrap™ cling film preserves the freshness of the food and serves fresh, hygienic and odorless food. 

6 Can I wrap non vegetarian products in ewrap™ cling film?   

Yes. You can wrap non vegetarian products safely in the Ewrap™ cling film. Ewrap™ cling film preserves the freshness of non vegetarian products as it has high oxygen and water vapor transmission which keeps food fresh and odor free. It is cost effective since it can be used effectively on high-speed packing machines. Ewrap™ cling films having excellent elongation and heat sealing properties.

7 Is ewrap™ cling film PVC based film?   

No. Ewrap™ cling film is non PVC based cling film. In some countries there is ban on the use of PVC based cling film. It is also reported that the PVC based food grade films are harmful as it contains some plasticizers which get migrated in the wrapped food. Ewrap™ cling film is the combination of polyethylene and high tech polymers which is free from plasticizers, safe to use and environmental friendly.

8 What is meant by plasticizers?   

Plasticizers are plastic additives commonly phthalates, that give PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastics flexibility, resilience, durability and make them easier to handle.

9 What plasticizers are used in the manufacturing of PVC cling film?   

The most commonly used plasticizer is di-2-ethylhexyl adipate, DEHA - often used with polymeric plasticizers. It has the properties which are more suitable than some of the more common phthalate plasticizers like DOP, DINP and DIDP which are not generally used in the manufacture of food grade cling film. 

10 Is ewrap™ cling film containing any plasticizers?   

No. Ewrap™ cling film is absolutely free from harmful plasticizers..

11 What are the benefits of Ewrap™ cling film?   

Ewrap™ cling film is easy to use and easily available in all standard sizes. It is free from harmful plasticizers & phthalates to keep food fresh, odorless and hygienic.

12 What are the other applications of ewrap™ cling film?   

Ewrap™ cling film is versatile product which can be used for other domestic applications such as wrapping of leather goods, electronics material, traveling bags and stuffs where it to keep out fungus and moisture.

13 Is ewrap™ cling film environmentally friendly?   

Yes. Ewrap™ cling film is 100 % environmental friendly and recyclable.

14 What is the melting point of PE cling film?  

Standard cling film can withstand temperatures of 120 to 130 °C (250 to 265 °F) before melting. Please ensure that oven temperature is lower than this for safe use of cling film.